Agatec A510G

New Laser generation with a green beam. The ideal measuring tool for all interior works. A very bright laserbeam is generated by green laser diode (532nm). Improved visibility especially for use under bright light conditions or surroundings.

The A510G is an automatic visible laser that can be used for leveling, vertical alignment, plumb, and squaring. Applications include installing suspended ceilings, partitions, and a variety of outdoor alignment work.

The A510G has a green laser beam that is ideal for using indoors where a high visibility beam is desired. It can also be used outdoors with the RCR500G detector.


  • Automatic self-leveling in both horizontal and vertical modes
  • Motorized mount speeds setup for ceilings and partitions
  • Manual leveling in X and Y axes for dual slope setting (± 10%)
  • Semi-automatic single axis slope setting (automatic leveling in X and manual leveling in Y)
  • Ability to match slope for inclined planes greater than 10%
  • Choice of beams, including scanning and chalk line
  • Square shot that’s left and right adjustable
  • Easy electronic calibration

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