Agatec A510S

This full-featured laser offers high performance at an affordable price.

It’s electronic self-leveling in horizontal and vertical modes, and ideal for installing drop ceilings and drywall and for interior layout and renovations.

Built-in mount
No need to carry a separate wall mount to the job site. The AGATEC 510 has a built-in mount that quickly attaches to a ceiling grid.

Integrated slope mount
In manual mode, tilt the laser on its base (no separate grade mount needed) to match any two slope reference points from 1° to 90°.
The laser’s 10% manual grade lets you match slope manually in both axes, or in one axis with the security of cross axis self-leveling.

other Features

  • One-Touch leveling speeds setup
  • H.I. warning prevents errors
  • Patented design: innovative brushless motor eliminates gears and drive belts.
  • Efficient design gives you long battery life – one month on only two flashlight batteries!
  • Recharge kit included
  • Electronic field calibration saves trips to the repair shop

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