Line and Dot Lasers

Agatec CL100

The most rugged and competitive self-levelling cross line laser in the market. CL100 has four line options: horizontal fan angle, vertical fan angle, cross line, and locked line angle in manual mode which allows you to match an angle between any two Points.

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Agatec CP5

Agatec CP5. 5-dot laser level: Plumb, Level & Square The Agatec CP5 5-Beam Laser produces 5 crisp and clear laser reference points each at 90° to each other, making it the perfect choice for any plumb, level, or squaring application.

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Agatec MC3

Agatec MC3 features horizontal rotating mechanism and fine adjustment knob for convenient working. Agatec MC3 is an easy-to-use tool, quick and reliable. It helps professionals to accomplish interior works, such as pose of wall paving, tiles or cabinets.

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Agatec MC5

Ideal for professionals that need an instant self-leveling laser, with high working range and visibility. This robust multi cross laser projects 4 vertical and 1 horizontal lines, with high intense red laser beams. Agatec MC5 increase your job efficiency in leveling, squaring, layout and alignment applications. It works outdoor with a laser receiver (optional).

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Agatec MC8

It measures all around you in every direction. Ideal for those who search the best in class in the multicross laser offering, with a very robust housing and complete functionality.

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