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Agatec A510S

This full-featured laser offers high performance at an affordable price. It’s electronic self-leveling in horizontal and vertical modes, and ideal for installing drop ceilings and drywall and for interior layout and renovations.

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Agatec A510G

New Laser generation with a green beam. The ideal measuring tool for all interior works. A very bright laserbeam is generated by green laser diode (532nm). Improved visibility especially for use under bright light conditions or surroundings.

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Agatec GAT220H

The GAT220H sets up fast – it’s totally automatic, so there are no leveling screws or vials to rough level. Just mount it on a tripod, turn it on, and it’s ready to go!

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Agatec RL110

The new Agatec RL110 offers fast and simple leveling features for professionals. The combination of innovative engineering and design coupled with durable materials makes the Agatec RL110 the perfect laser for the most demanding construction sites.

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Agatec RL110G

Best line visibility with RL110G. A green beam that is HIGHLY visible, with a thin and intense line. Agatec RL110G is a fantastic rotating laser, with best-in-class green beam visibility.

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Agatec LT200

The Agatec LT200 is designed to be rugged and reliable in tough job site conditions, thanks to its durable metal housing and rotary head fully contained in a sealed glass housing.

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Agatec LT300

The Agatec LT300 is the toughest, fully weatherproof laser level on the market. Designed to be rugged and reliable to stand up to the toughest job sites, the LT300 has a waterproof construction, a durable all metal housing and fully enclosed rotating head.

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